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18 December | 10PM - 10:15PM

Fireworks show


Music, lights, and giant fireworks. Last year the fireworks were in sync with a story. Make sure to get a good spot! Also from 7:30 for 5 minutes, there's be a small show leading up to the day.

Check out youtube.com/iluvqatar

18-19 Dec | 10AM-10PM

Katara National Day Celebrations


On the occasion of the Qatar National Day celebrations, the Cultural Village Foundation (Katara) invites you to join these festivities and enjoy the happenings in Katara. Featuring 20 events inspired from their heritage to recognize their present and explore horizons of their future.

18 December | 8AM - 10PM

National Day Parade


A fantastic parade where people will get to enjoy a parade by the Armed Forces, MOI, Emiri Guards, ISF, Civilian participation, cars, balloons, flag waving, music, and bands.

16 - 18 December | 8AM - 12PM | 4PM - 10PM

Classic Car Show


Just like every year, people will be able to enjoy a blast from the past from a time when Qatar was modernizing. You'll get to see a rare collection of classic cars that government officials used to use.

15 - 18 December | All day

Traditional Boat Show


Enjoy two displays of various styles of Qatari boats and dhows. It's great to see these beautiful vessels that helped the older generation survive.

15th - 31st December | Night

Palm Tree Illunimation

Corniche (and around Qatar)

Don’t forget to pass my the Corniche, to check out how the Palm Tree Illumination! It's a beautiful sight. Honestly, we wish it could always look like that.

15-18 December | All Day

Kids Activities


Kids will get a chance to play games, have fun and just enjoy the different entertainment shaped around National Day.

Al Izbba

8-20December | 9PM - 10PM

Al Izbba

Darb Al Saai

Al-Izbba is the site where a man is away from home looking after camels in the wild valleys and desert. Come and take a look at what the site used to look like and how it was managed.

Dhows exhibition

15 - 30 December | All Day

Dhow Exhibition


Although there's an existing boat show, this is focused on traditional dhows only. It's great to see these big boats that used to be used for socializing, pearling, and big fishing. :)

8-20 December | 8AM - 12PM | 4PM - 10PM

Al Nasa (Rifle shooting)

Darb Al Saai

Qataris are well known for rifle and shotgun shooting as a sport. Come on down to learn how to shoot for yourself! Professional trainers will be supervising and teaching the traditional principles of Al Nasa.


8-20 December | 8AM - 12PM | 4PM - 10PM

Al Shaqab (Horse Dressage)

Darb Al Saai

Take beautiful horses, dress them up in traditional dressage, enjoy a great horse show, and also enjoy riding them too!


8-20 December | 8AM - 12PM | 4PM - 10PM

Al Doha

Darb Al Saai

View a show case of Qatar's history and development through the times. Government and Civil organizations have come together to show the public how Qatar became to what it is today.

15-30 December | 5PM - 12AM

Pearl Illumination

Palm Island (Corniche)

Remember Palm Island? No? Well it used to be a micro-resort before it was sadly removed. Now though, there's going to be a beautiful illumination for everyone to enjoy :)

11 - 18 December | 4PM - 10PM

Traditional Games

Sheraton Park

Come and play traditional Qatari games like sculpted tops, sticks and tyres, kook, and more! It's fun seeing how we grew up before iPads and PlayStations.

8-20 December | 8AM - 12PM | 4PM - 10PM

Al Mishabayh (Oryx)

Darb Al Saai

Learn about one of Qatar's native animals, the Oryx. You'll get an understand for how they breed them, take pictures, and perhaps even pet some too.

8-20 December | 8AM - 12PM | 4PM - 10PM

Al Maqtar

Darb Al Saai

You'll find loads of tents set up in one area that have been laid out to show the public what Qatari life in the desert looked like. Within each tent you'll find various activities, story telling, and giveaways. Learn about the young Qannas (hunter), bird taming, camel riding, and more.

8-20 December | 8AM - 12PM | 4PM - 10PM

Al Maqlat

Darb Al Saai

Designed to look like a dining area in old Qatari houses. There's various traditional and local food being served for people looking to fill their stomachs at Darb Al Saai.

8-20 December | All Day

Souq Wagif

Darb Al Saai

Of course, you could always just go to the REAL Souq Wagif, but if you're in the area of Darb Al Saai, drop on down to enjoy Qatari food tasting, photography, and view all the different types of old trading that used to happen (textiles, ceramics, engraving, etc...)

December 13 | 9AM

National Day Trophy

Equestrian Center

This is a big horse race! Total prize money is 400,000QR. It's a 2000m race on grass and there'll be some amazing horses.

16 December | 10AM - 10PM

Flag of Gratitude and Loyalty

Katara Amphitheatre

This campaign is a national project by the State of Qatar presented to Guinness Book of Records as the largest flag in the world!

8-20 December | 8AM - 12PM | 4PM - 10PM

Al Fereej

Darb Al Saai

Fereej means village or town in Arabic. A tent has been set up where there'll be traditional cultural activities such as Ardha Al Qaseed (poetry reciting), Elmerada (traditional girls dance), and Oratory.

8-20 December | 8AM - 12PM | 4PM - 10PM

Al Beda

Darb Al Saai

An embodiment of old Marin life in Qatar with its activities such as Khatf Shraa, which is raising the sails of the dhows, falq al mahar, the opening of pearls to extract pearls, sadah radah, a Qatari style running race, aldamah, an old spin top game and a traditional cafe!

15-18 Dec | 4PM - 10PM

2030 Train Tour


It's a special tour for kids where they get to see three stations showing the evolution of Qatar. Jump on board the 2030 train.

8-20 December | 8AM - 12PM | 4PM - 10PM.

Al Timbah

Darb Al Saai

Timbah in old Qatari means football! We're getting the 2022 world cup so let's share the old tradition of timbah.

final match will be on the 17th at 5PM

16 - 18 December | All Day

Light and Water Projections

The Pearl

This year's festivities will be highlighted by hightech tower and water screen projections. Everyone should prepare their warm tea and blankets to enjoy the fireworks as the skies light up with all things Qatar.

11,12,13 December | 10AM - 5PM

Qatar Museums National Day Celebration

Qatar Museums

Join in this celebratory to mark Qatar's National Day.

11,12,13 December | 10AM - 5PM

Live Falconry Demonstration

Qatar Museums

Enjoy live demonstraintions of the most common falcons in Qatar.

4 Dec 2014 - 30 Ap 2015. Every Fridat an Saturday

Weekly Live Demonstrations of Handicrafts

Qatar Museums

Enjoy live demonstrations of old handicraft-making traditions, such as Sadu making and many more.